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Grandeur of the Bronx: A Century of Connecting the BX to NYC

[Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a series on the Grand Concourse and art in the Bronx.] The Bronx, home to over...   Read More


Dependence and Influence: A Look into Artists’ Relationships with Intoxicants

Lady Gaga, while recording her newest album, ARTPOP (2013), hinted that she had used various kinds of drugs to help boost her creativity. Multiple...   Read More

Waves of Identity Exhibit

Balancing Two Identities: What it Means to be Chinese in the United States

Strategically located between Centre and Lafayette Street in New York City, the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) faces both cultural Chinatown and Little...   Read More


Dan Graham’s Reflections of New York City

I exited the gates of Fordham University and headed toward the D train to make my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for...   Read More


Potatoes for the People: Addressing Food Insecurity in New York City

The USDA defines the term “food insecurity” as having a “lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for...   Read More

Artists & Flea

The Brooklyn Barbie

Introducing Brooklyn Barbie: With a cozy beanie atop her tousled tresses she is ready for a crisp fall afternoon in Williamsburg! She wears thick-framed...   Read More


Agree to Disagree: A History of Tompkins Square Park

No one seems to mind the smell of Tompkins Square Park. While pungent and vaguely similar to that of a Porta-Potty, the local population passively...   Read More

Picture take by Jamie Toto of Boston College Magazine which features Wifredo Lam

Wifredo Lam: The Modern Day Avant-Garde

Usually hanging up at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is The Jungle, a famous piece by artist Wifredo Lam. This masterpiece usually...   Read More


Secrets of the Bohemian Grove: An Alternative Fraternity

Settled 75 miles north of bustling San Francisco, the town of Monte Rio is tucked away from the urban sprawl of the bustling city....   Read More

Challenging Our Food Ethic: From Isolation to Alliance

As one who studies the politics, ethics, technology, science, and history behind the vastly interdisciplinary field of environmentalism, I can tell you firsthand that...   Read More


For the Love of (Indie) Literature: The Brooklyn Book Festival

The day began like any typical Sunday. But this Sunday was different, as I made my way down to Brooklyn all the way from...   Read More


The Roses that Go Un-Smelled: Performers of the NYC Subway

The act of looking away has been one of the hallmarks of New York City street behavior for longer than most can remember, whether...   Read More

What is left of the art work at 45-46 Davis Street

Saying Goodbye To Another Result of Gentrification: The History of 5 Pointz

As the train pulls into the station and I walk up the stairs to exit, the first thing that hits me, literally, are three...   Read More

Chrissy performed in several different cities and countries this summer, including Hong Kong. Photo courtesy Chrissy Costanza.

Meet Chrissy Costanza: From YouTube Sensation to Rock Star

It’s a typical fall day in the Bronx, New York, and while most students have been locked away in classes or doing other forms...   Read More

El Morocco, New York

The Honest Image: ‘Garry Winogrand,’ a Retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum

The Garry Winogrand exhibit, on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City until September 21st, displays the post-war era in...   Read More


Readings and Texts

This digital humanities class will use the following required texts.  Further, several articles, theoretical texts, and other texts will accompany the reading material. Students can find these books...   Read More

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Coming Fall 2014

Coming Fall 2014! Course Description: This digital humanities course examines the emergence of bohemian and avant-garde culture through a study of gender, race, class,...   Read More